My name is Lyndy and I’m an LA born & raised food lover. I enjoy cooking and traveling around the world and to be able to share my recipes and experiences with everyone is so exciting! I am half Thai so I LOVE cooking Thai food, something I’ve been doing with my mom since I was young. Also, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something I try to keep up with and nutrition sparks an interest in me. My passion lies in cooking all sorts of food ranging from guilty pleasures to healthy vegetable drinks and also managing my life with exercise and healthy habits.

I created this blog to contribute some of my favorite recipes for you guys and to really just connect with everyone. I enjoy intimate conversations about food, lifestyle, and health and I hope my blog serves that exact purpose!

I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and you can always get in contact with me through:

Instagram: @lyndygates

Email: lyndygates@gmail.com