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Mango & Sticky rice!


This is probably one of my all time favorite desserts (aside from ice cream). I was SO, SO, SO excited to make Mango and Sticky rice because it’s so simple and it really fits any occasion, whether it be a fancy party or a family picnic. And I love that having mango in it makes me feel just a little healthier 🙂

This recipe is very easy to make, it’s just making the sticky rice that’s the most challenging part (and even that’s not that hard!). The traditional way to make sticky rice is with a basket and a pot of water (which is the only way I know how to make it). I’m sure there’s another way to make sticky rice, like with a rice cooker, however I know that it’s a little more challenging that way because the measurements of water and rice are hard to grasp.


Perfect spoonful with everything in one bite… Yum!!

The basket I used is from a Thai market in LA. It’s very similar to a Thai Costco because it gives off the same vibe and they have almost everything there! I buy all my Thai ingredients there as well, like the Thai tea mix I used to make my popsicles. You also need SWEET RICE, not normal rice to make this recipe. Make sure to soak the rice in water overnight as well before starting because it allows the rice to gain moisture and it’ll cook faster and stickier over the stove.


All you have to do once you’ve drained your rice is place all of the rice in the basket and put it over a pot of boiling water and cover the basket with either a towel or a bowl! Wait about 20 minutes, stirring at about 10 minutes, and there you go, you’ve got sticky rice! It’s pretty simple, but you should check on it every once in a while because you wanna give it a good mix so that the rice will evenly cook. People tend to take it off the stove a little too early so it’s not as sticky. Giving it the full amount of time to steam is really important!


Other than that, the process is really almost over. To make the sauce, you just literally combine coconut milk, sugar, and salt over a stove, just to heat the mixture. Once the sugar dissolves, you’ve got the sauce! It’s SUPER important, though, to realize that the coconut milk cooks very fast over the stove and it could easily turn into an oil. So when you make the sauce, you want to only HEAT up the mixture and NOT bring it to a boil. Just until you see a little steam and the sugar has completely dissolved, turn off the heat and remove immediately. Now you’re basically ready to assemble the dish! Just slice the mango (which I always have a hard time with, so don’t worry if it’s hard to make it look nice), pour the sauce over the rice and plate it. Mmmm my mouth waters just hearing about it!!

P1040076.JPGI’ll link everything down below, once again; The ingredients and measurements as well as the video for full details! I also have the basket and pot that I used to steam my sticky rice in listed below on Amazon!

Hope you guys have as much fun making and eating this recipe as I did!


  • 1 cup of sweet rice soaked overnight
  • 1 Mango
  • 1 cup of coconut milk
  • 3 tbsp of sugar
  • A big pinch of salt

Sticky rice steamer and pot

Here’s my video with all the deets!:



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