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Mango Bay, Thailand

IMG_7630IMG_7622IMG_7626IMG_7628IMG_7629Hi everyone! I wanted to share the amazing experience I had in Thailand this summer and although I go almost every year (I have family there), the islands never fail to complete my trip.

This year I went to two different islands, Koh Samui and Koh Tao. On Koh Tao is a smaller island, Mango Bay. I stayed at the Mango Bay Boutique Resort and let me tell you guys… it’s so darn AWESOME. First of all, this resort is basically its own little island in the middle of water; so there’s no sandy beach area just water and the resort. The rooms here are bungalows that are all hidden inside the mountain. I stayed in a bungalow that was a little higher up so it was one heck of a walk to get there. Every morning and night I basically had to trek up a million steps and rocks in between trees and bushes just to get to and from my room. Even though that sounds terrible, I think it truly added to the experience and it just made the entire atmosphere come together.

Our room had a beautiful view of the ocean and since this resort is so small, the place and people become like family to you. All the staff are ridiculously nice and there’s a minimal amount of people staying at this resort so you see the same faces almost every day, which is good in my opinion because it was so quiet and I got a lot closer to everyone on the island.

Since the resort was located right on the water, there was a dock you could jump off and just go straight into the water which was crystal clear. Don’t worry, if you’re scared to jump there’s a small ladder you can use to descend or a rock that gives you an area to stand before getting in the water. As you look into the blue waters, you can see all the beautiful fish and coral that are living there and when you jump in to snorkel, it’s like you’ve entered a whole different universe. There’s so much life and color underneath and it brought SO MUCH joy to me. I saw all kinds of fish, crabs, sea creatures, and corals and it absolutely blew me away. All this talking and all these pictures don’t do justice to what my own eyes saw.

The resort has free snorkels for you so I just went up and got a snorkel kit every morning and they have kayaks there that you can rent for 200 baht per hour (about $6). If you kayak out towards some of the rocks, there is so much more marine life that you can adventure through. Ugh so beautiful! In terms of the resort itself, the food was AMAZING. Because of the size, there’s only one restaurant but there’s a town you can either drive to or take a boat to that’s about 10 ish minutes away that have many more restaurants and local stands that you can check out. For me, the one restaurant on the resort was more than enough because it was delicious. They had American and Thai food, morning to evening.

The rooms were nice, big and comfortable beds. The only downside, in my opinion, was the bathroom. It is a little small and not as nice as some hotels and resorts. The shower is just a closed curtain and the water was really dull. The bathroom has an odd scent to it, but for the most part it was pretty clean. It really wasn’t that bad, but compared to some nice hotels and resorts, this bathroom was pretty low on the rank.

Other than that, I LOVED everything about this place and it seemed like the resort was almost to ourselves. It was so isolated and quiet and the people were amazing and kind. The waters were crystal clear and beautiful and the view was astonishing. I would so highly recommend you guys check it out if you ever have a chance to go to Thailand. I had such a fun time and wouldn’t mind going back every year! 🙂

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